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WereKittens is a microgame for 2-3 players, in which players are wereKittens competing to eat villagers and convert villagers into a powerful team of wereKittens. Components: 12 cards. This is a micro, business card size game. This game uses coins/pocket change as pieces(not included)(requires change of 1.25$, 6 dimes, 6 nickels, 10 pennies, 1 quarter).


Series C abilities;       
C1) 2vp per victim of type you have 2nd most of.     
C2) convert penny cats for 10-Turn Order slot that cat is going to be placed in.       
C3) place any coin on scare area to flip a cat from tails to heads.    
C4) flip a nickel cat from heads to tails to add +1 claw. 
C5) flip a penny cat from heads to tails to add +2 claw.   
C6) convert coin from scare area into cat for 8-Turn Order slot that cat is being placed in.      
C7) sacrifice penny off of scare to move cat up to next faster Turn Order slot (if it's open).     
C8) flip cat from heads to tails to swap any cat with a coin in scare area.     
C9) +1 claw when cat eats 2 victims at once.        
C10) dime cats have 3 clawwhen there is a dime in scare area..    
C11) nickel cats have 3 clawwhen there is a nickel in scare area.       
C12) take coin off of scare area to swap 2 of your cats.


This game is compatible with Blood Coven and Eldritch Cults (the games are completely different but play in the same environment/same pieces). When mixing with Blood Coven, players can play as either werecats or vampires. cats play by cat rules, vampires play by vampire rules.


when mixing with Eldritch Cults, it is an asymmetrical 3 player semi-coop in which 2 players play as a team of werekittens, or vampires, or 1 werekitten and 1 vampire against 1 player playing as a god from Eldritch Cults.

WereKittens Series C

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