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Eldritch Cults is a microgame for 2-3 players, in which players are weird and Lovecraftian gods who are competing to lure villagers into their cults. Components: 12 cards. This is a micro, business card size game. This game uses coins/pocket change as pieces(not included)(requires change of 1.25$, 6 dimes, 6 nickels, 10 pennies, 1 quarter.)


Series B abilities;

B1) 2vp per dime Cultist in fatigue area at end of game.

B2) 1vp per nickel Cultist in fatigue area at end of game.

B3) 1vp per penny Cultist in fatigue area at end of game.

B4) 2vp per empty temple. Each temple column w/ no Priest is worth 2vp at endgame.

B5) Priests ignore Cultist type when making Priest. This only applies to Cultists that are under Priests. B6) fatigue 3 Cultists to make Priest from supply.

B7) fatigue 3 Cultists to make Priest from one of the coins already in fatigue.

B8) fatigue 1 to put 4 new coins in village.

B9) Sacrifice 1 cultist(return to supply) to steal the 1st player token from other player.

B10) Before round, sacrifice 2 Cultists(return to supply), then move all coins from fatigue area to hand. B11) When taking penny Cultist, may choose to place it in "graveyard". Coins in graveyard can't take actions but are worth 2vp each at end of game.

B12) +3vp if fatigue is empty at endgame, +2vp if 1 in fatigue, +1vp if 2 in fatigue.


This game is compatible with WereKittens and Blood Coven (the games are completely different but play in the same environment/same pieces) when mixing with WereKittens or

Blood Coven, it is an asymmetrical 3 player semi-coop in which 2 players play as a team of werekittens and/or vampires  against 1 player playing as a god from Eldritch Cults.

Eldritch Cults Series B

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