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2-4 players         30-60minutes                  Ages 14+

Game includes: 50 villager cards, 15 monster cards (4 werecats, 4 gods, 7 vampires)

                                 7 player aid cards(3 vampire, 2 werecat, 2 cults), 60 cubes.

This set contains 3 completely different games that are played with the same set of victim cards.

The victim deck contains 50 delicious victims from 5 powerful aristocratic families (10 each).

In each of these games, players play as monsters who are either eating these villagers or turning them into cultists, or vampire minions, or werecats, or drinking their blood.

Players can play as vampires, werecats, or Lovecraftian gods and their associated cults.

We recommend that players play the vampire game a few times before trying the other games.

Vampire :  40-60 minutes

 Players each play as a vampire with its own unique abilities and compete to take villagers into their herds to feed upon and convert the best members of their herds into vampire minions to join their quest for power and prestige. Players must balance their need to feed with their need to produce powerful vampires from the right families to win.

WereCat: 30-40 minutes

Players each play as werecats with their own unique abilites and compete to eat villagers and convert strong villagers from the right families into werecat minions. Players must build a clowder of  werecats with the right balance of speed, strength, appetite, and family influence to win....and also they have to eat a LOT of villagers...way more than a vampire.

Cults: 35-50 minutes

Players play as Lovecraftian gods, each with its own unique abilities and compete to make villagers join their cults. Villagers can be converted into priests, who do your bidding, and cultists who can be drained for power. Priests have extra influence over members of their families and players must balance this influence with their need for influence over many families to win the game.


Cults & Covens

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