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Blood Coven is a microgame for 2-3 players, in which players are vampires competing to create a coven of vampies and a herd of victims to feed on. Blood coven features mechanics from the vampire game from Cults & Covens. . This is a micro, business card size game. This game uses coins/pocket change as pieces(not included)(requires change of 1.25$, 6 dimes, 6 nickels, 10 pennies, 1 quarter).

.. Components: 12 cards, rulesheet.


Series B abilities;     
B1) feed 4 vampires with 3 victims. after phase 1: feed, if you fed 3 vampires, yoy may flip an unfed

  vampire from taiils to  heads.
B2) +2vp per set of penny, nickel and dime victims. example: if i have 2 pennies, 2 nickels, and 2 dimes,

 i would get 4vp.
B3) +3vp if you have no penny vampires at endgame.

B4) +3vp if you have no nickel vampires at endgame.

B5) +4vp if you have no dime vampires at endgame.

B6) whenever populating, may add a 5th coin to the city (7th in a 3 player game).
B7) sacrifice a victim(return to supply) to move 2 victims from your fatigue to your hand.

B8) move a victim from hand to scare to allow your vampire to take from supply instead of city.

B9) place 2 victims in scare to allow 1 of your vampires to take 2 victims on its turn.

       can only be used on one vampire per round.

B10) +1vp per 2 victims.

B11) move a victim from hand to scare area to repopulate at any time. does not require use of action.

B12) +1vp per coin in scare at endgame.


This game is compatible with WereKittens and Eldritch Cults (the games are completely different but play in the same environment/same pieces). When mixing withWereKittens, players can play as either werecats or vampires. cats play by cat rules, vampires play by vampire rules.


when mixing with Eldritch Cults, it is an asymmetrical 3 player semi-coop in which 2 players play as a team of werekittens, or vampires, or 1 werekitten and 1 vampire against 1 player playing as a god from Eldritch Cults.

Blood Coven Series B

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