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Eldritch Cults is a microgame for 2-3 players, in which players are weird and Lovecraftian gods who are competing to lure villagers into their cults. Components: 12 cards. This is a micro, business card size game. This game uses coins/pocket change as pieces(not included)(requires change of 1.25$, 6 dimes, 6 nickels, 10 pennies, 1 quarter.)


Series A abilities;
A1) nickel Priests can take pennies, nickels, and dimes.     
A2) take 1 dime or nickel cultist back from fatigue at start of turn.

A3) Sacrifice any 2 of your Cultists to convert Cultist into Priest.
A4) +1vp for every 3 of your Cultists.
A5) dime Priests can take nickels as well as dimes.
A6) +1vp per every 2 Cultists in fatigue area.
A7) Treat all Cultists as if they are pennies.
A8) dime Priests are worth 7vp instead of 6.       
A9) extra Priest slot.    
A10) +1vp per 2 penny cultists     
A11) nickel Priests are worth 6vp instead of 5      
A12) at start of any of your temples' turns, move 1 Cultist from hand into fatigue to allow that temple  to turn a coin from SUPPLY, not CITY, into a Priest.


This game is compatible with WereKittens and Blood Coven (the games are completely different but play in the same environment/same pieces) when mixing with WereKittens or

Blood Coven, it is an asymmetrical 3 player semi-coop in which 2 players play as a team of werekittens and/or vampires  against 1 player playing as a god from Eldritch Cults.

Eldritch Cults Series A

$7.00 Regular Price
$6.00Sale Price
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