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The world's most powerful criminal organisations have come together in a struggle for control of a rich and corrupt city. Hire Goons, make alliances, and hit the right Bosses to install a new Kingpin and win this game of strategy.
Hiring Goons gives you more cards to use.
Making alliances with Bosses lets you use their Ally Powers (many powerful combinations are possible!).(this is an engine building game)
Putting out a hit on a Boss gives you points (unless it is from the same family as the Kingpin.)
At the end of the game, each player gets 1 point for each Goon they control, 2 points for each Ally they have made, and Bosses they have hit are worth points equal to their hit number (unless they are from the kingpin's family). Most points wins. 

chibiMob is a modular game. The base game includes 4 modules;
(Japanese Yakuza, Italian Mafia,Jewish Mob, and Mexican Mob)
Include more modules for more players or to increase game length. Use fewer modules for a quicker game or fewer players.
1 module  :     2 players     10 minutes
2 modules :   2-3 players     20 minutes
3 modules :   2-4 players     30 minutes
4 modules :   2-5 players     40 minutes
5 modules :   3-6 players     50 minutes
6 modules :   3-6 players     60 minutes 


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