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Dread City

2-4 players

30 minutes.

Dread City is a strategy game for 2-4 players in which players take on the roles of monsters terrorizing a 19th Century New England city.

This set contains 3 completely different games

(Werecat game, Vampire game, Great Old Ones game) that combine seamlessly to make

a 4th game that includes all 3 monster types!



 Werecats eat citizens to increase their strength, and can convert useful citizens into their werecat minions.

They score points for eating a lot of people and having a powerful cat army.

 Vampires charm citizens into their herd so that they can periodically drink their blood. Vampires can also convert members of their herd into vampire minions. Vampires score points for building a powerful vampire army (preferably all from the same family) and having an ample blood supply.

 Great Old Ones use dreams to lure citizens into their cults. Once citizens become priests, they can lure their family members into their cults, drain the dreams of cultists, or sacrifice themselves to themselves to Great Old Ones. Great Old Ones score points for recruiting priests from all 5 families and having big cults!


It is New England, around the turn of the 20th century. Mysticism and the occult are all the rage among 

the trendy upper crust of society. The countless seances and spiritual meetings awoke something dark and sinister and ancient. Madness and misfortune swept through the city, as those dark and ancient things they woke tightened their grip on the city.

  The local people, in their wisdom, blamed the madness on toxoplasmosis from cat poop. All cats were banished harshly from the city. A few werecats living nearby found out about the terrible mistreatment of their fellow feline friends and have come to the city looking for some payback....and tasty meals!

  Vampires who have "lived" unnoticed in the city for nearly 2 centuries have decided that the time is right to take control of their city...before something else does!

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Rules and Modes

Vampire Rules

Werecat Rules

Great Old Ones Rules

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